First mission of „Safe and interoperable transport system in Moldova“ (II) project on maritime safety topics


2019 09 10


On 27–29 May, experts from the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (LTSA) have visited Moldova where the first mission of the project „Safe and interoperable transport system in Moldova“ (II) was held. Visit was expected to strengthen the competencies of Moldovan maritime industry with main focus on maritime transport regulation in Moldova.

On the first day of the visit, the representatives of the LTSA presented the main principles of the implementation of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, its implementation in Lithuania and guidelines provided by International Maritime Organization. Experts discussed the requirements of European legislation, ISM implementation procedures and practical examples during the next days of the visit.

The third day of the visit has touched upon topics related to IMO audit and preparation for it as statutory audit of IMO is expected to be carried out in Moldova in 2020. Experts from Lithuania have shared their experience on this topic, presented main tasks in preparation, principles and procedures during the audit itself. Successful audit results would have a positive impact on the entire Moldovan maritime sector, therefore it is important to prepare for it accordingly.

Lithuanian representatives have also introduced general principles and procedures for the recognition of foreign seafarers’ documents in Lithuania. Also, participants have discussed the process of accession and implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (Convention MLC 2006). Recommendations from practical experience in Lithuania have been presented.

The project „Safe and interoperable transport system in Moldova“ managed by LTSA will continue until 1st of October in cooperation with Moldovan Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. The project is funded by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Support Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a partial contribution from the LTSA.