LTSA continues cooperation with Moldova


2020 11 12


On October 22-23, LTSA has started third variation of the “Safe transport system in Moldova” project. The main goal of this cooperation is to support Moldova’s integration in Europe, to modernize country’s transport sector and to ensure smooth implementation of Moldova-EU Association agreement.

First mission of this project has focused on maritime sector and its improvement in Moldova. LTSA representatives Maritime department director Linas Kasparavičius and chief specialist Simona Jonuškienė have shared their knowledge and expertise with Moldovan colleagues.

During an online meeting both parties expressed gratitude for continuous cooperation and engaged in productive discussions and presentations. First of all, Lithuanian experts presented information about exemptions to the IMO Conventions. Key points of discussion were most common exemptions, procedures for submitting an application for exemption, terms for the examination of the applications and the method for notifying the result.

Another important topic discussed was the evaluation and review of the Flag state performance and taking corrective actions. Participants exchanged views and Lithuanian experts’ guidance on conducting trend analyses to identify problem areas and room for improvement, administrative and legal mechanisms to discourage non-compliance or violation by ships of international rules and standards. Taking appropriate corrective measures to bring ships into compliance with the applicable international conventions, their implementation and review was marked as one of the key steps to improve Moldova’s current framework.

These were juts few of the main topics touched upon during two-day online mission, but both parties agreed to continue their cooperation and highlighted further challenges and areas for improvement.

Project “Safe transport system in Moldovoa” (III) is funded by the Development Cooperation program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.