Second mission of „Safe and interoperable transport system in Moldova (II)“ project – improving road transport regulation


2019 09 10


The project „Safe and interoperable transport system in Moldova (II)“ managed by the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (LTSA) continues to successfully promote cooperation between Lithuanian and Moldovan transport sector experts. The second mission of the project took place in Moldova on 2-4 July where road transport specialists have exchanged their knowledge and experiences on various relevant road transport topics: vehicle type approval practices and procedures, driver’s professional competence examination procedures, ATP laboratories certification regulations.

Three day gathered experts from Moldovan transport sector where colleagues from Lithuania have presented practices and experience from Lithuania’s road transport sector. Application of various EU regulations and most important challenges/difficulties were discussed. Implementation of  acts for the EU Regulation No 858/2018, No 167/2013, No 168/2013 have been presented in detail while also paying attention to relations between EU legislation and the 1957 UNECE agreement.

Moldovan experts have also been able to better understand current system and structure of transport authorities and their responsibilities in regard to vehicle type approval in Lithuania. Basic procedures, technology used in these processes have also been presented.

These topics have been highlighted as important ones to improve in Moldova which is currently implementing requirements set in EU-Moldova Association Agreement and Lithuania’s experience on these topics could provide necessary guidance.

The project „Safe and interoperable transport system in Moldova“ managed by LTSA will continue until 1st of October in cooperation with Moldovan Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. The project is funded by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Support Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a partial contribution from the LTSA.