Rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air

Disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility have the right to ask for assistance and/or to inform the contacts in Lithuania below about their arrival no later than 48 hours prior the flight:

Vilnius airport:

Tel. +370 650 11 103
E-mail: prm@litcargus.lt

Kaunas International Airport:
Tel. +370 620 39 878 

      E-mail: pax.kun@litcargus.lt

Palanga International Airport: 
Tel.:  +370 460 56 401
E-mail: ops@palangaground.aero

Siauliai International Airport:

Tel.: +370 415 42 005
E-mail: airport@siauliai.lt

A disabled person or person with reduced mobility who considers that his / her rights as per Regulation No. 1107/2006 have been infringed may bring the matter to the attention of the managing body of the airport or to the attention of the air carrier concerned, as the case may be.

If the disabled person or person with reduced mobility cannot obtain satisfaction in such way, complaints may be made to any body or bodies designated under Article 14(1), or to any other competent body designated by a Member State, about an alleged infringement of this Regulation. The Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) is a designated enforcement body under the Regulation 1107/2006 in Lithuania.

The disabled person or person with reduced mobility should contact the enforcement body of the Member State where the incident took place. However, a body in one Member State which receives a complaint concerning a matter that comes under the responsibility of a designated body of another Member State shall forward the complaint to the body of that other Member State.

The Administration will investigate complaints or inquiries written in a clear manner. The person must indicate his / her name, surname, address, phone number and/or email address and how he / she prefers to receive the reply.

The Administration will investigate complaints and inquiries within 30 days after the receipt date. If special commission needs to be temporarily set up or a meeting to be arranged according to the law, the investigation might take longer. Complaints and inquiries sent by email are acknowledged within 10 days.

Please send complaints and inquiries to the address below:

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration
Svitrigailos g. 42
LT-03209 Vilnius


Email ltsa@ltsa.lrv.lt
Phone number: +370 5 27 85 602

Last updated: 02-01-2020