Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC S-57)

Navigational publications of the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration covering Baltic Sea area under responsibility of the Republic of Lithuania are distributed by authorized sales agents or representatives.

Electronic charts for conventional vessels can be purchased on: www.primar.org.

Electronic charts for non-conventional vessels can be purchased on:  www.seapilot.com.

Chart No. ENC & CHART Scaling ENC
LT660710  Seaport of Klaipėda 1:8 000    Ed. 8 Up. 0 [17-12-2018] 
LT562510  Approaches to port Klaipėda 1:22 000    Ed.10 Up. 4 [14-02-2019] 
LT562520  Būtingė oil terminal 1:22 000    Ed. 7 Up. 1 [19-10-2018]
LT382001  Lithuanian coast and eez 1:180 000    Ed. 15 Up. 1 [14-02-2019]


Last updated: 20-03-2020