About LTSA

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (hereinafter – LTSA) is the national safety agency of railway, road, civil aviation and water transport. LTSA is working to achieve high quality, secure and environmentally aware transport system within Lithuania. 

LTSA has been formed back in December of 2017, after completion of reforms which included merging of the Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration, State Road Transport Inspectorate and State Railway Inspectorate. These institutions have been working since 1994 and after the reform they have started to act as a single unit with a goal to ensure transport safety across the country.  From 2019 LTSA also responsible for safety in civil aviation sector.

With these changes, LTSA seeks to develop an ambitious strategy for upcoming years by declaring its “Zero Vision” strategy. Entire mission of this programme revolves around safety in traffic. LTSA aims to achieve a transport system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road, railway or water transport traffic. It is a long-term goal which seeks to ensure overall safety of the streets, waterways and railroads in Lithuania.

More than 200 employees are engaged in work related to transport safety. Departments of LTSA are allocated all across the country – with main departments located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

The work of LTSA consists of these main fieldworks: transport services, enforcement, investigation of transport accidents, educational campaigns and strengthening the awareness for transport safety within society.

LTSA provides various of services related to different transport modes.

In road transport services field LTSA is responsible:

- licensing of road transport activities,

- issuance of documents for carriage of passengers on national and international routes, --- planning of passenger transport routes,

- issuance of freight documents,

- licensing of driver education centers.

In the context of railway transport LTSA is responsible:

- provides safety certifications,

- permissions for use of rolling stocks,

- recognizes training centers of train drivers,

- provides licenses to engage in commercial business of rail transport.

Civil aviation services involve:

- Flight permits for scheduled and non-scheduled air services

- As a competent licensing authority, granting Operating Licence, which permits the carrier to provide air services

- ICAO Statistics Programme coordination

- Air transport safety and security enforcement

Maritime services provided by LTSA include:

- inland waterway vessel registration,

- examinations of inland waterway transport specialists,

- accreditation and supervision of training centers,

- examination and certification of seafarers,

- registration of marine vessels,

- control of foreign ships and Lithuanian flag seagoing ships.

- LTSA also provides information on ship arrests, monitors vessel traffic, publishes navigational warnings and carries out hydrographic activities.

The enforcement role is related to supervision of transport subjects, flag state control and port state control.

  • Accident investigation is directed to the thorough search for the “root” causes of the accidents and implement preventive measures or recommendations so that accidents would not repeat in the future.
  • Social impact in transport safety field is dedicated to finding measures that could change the behavior of society members, like education, information, involvement of citizens and press, etc. LTSA seeks to be the guide and promoter of safety awareness in Lithuania.

LTSA is a member of European Road Safety Charter. Information about LTSA initiatives within this field could be found here:


Last updated: 04-12-2023