Participiation activities

Lithuanian transport safety administration maintains close relations with Lithuanian and foreign state institutions and bodies, organizations, and companies.

Cooperation in drafting legislation, organizing joint inspections at border crossing points with Polish Road Transport Inspectorate and Latvian police officers, on roads and in enterprises with Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior, State Labor Inspectorate under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, State Tax Inspectorate under the Republic of Lithuania The Ministry of Finance, the Customs of the Republic of Lithuania, the staff of the SFE, promoting anti-corruption awareness and education with the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania by exchanging data, solving problems, considering perspectives and gaining experience.

 Representing Lithuania, the Administration was actively involved in the international transport regulation and implementation processes. Administrative experts participate in the work of the committees and working groups of the European Union institutions and international organizations.

Last updated: 04-12-2023