Certification of Seafarers

Obtaining Lithuanian Certificates of Competency, Certificates of Proficiency and Seaman‘s books by Ukrainian seafarers 

Due to numerous questions regarding obtaining Lithuanian Certificates of Competency (CoC), Certificates of Proficiency (CoP) and Seaman‘s books (SB) by Ukrainian seafarers, we present the following information: 

  • According to the information from the Government of Ukraine, Ukrainian documents are valid until December 31, 2022. The official stance is described in: 
  • Exchange of Ukrainian seafarers‘ documents for their Lithuanian eguivalents. There is no legal background to exchange Ukrainian CoC, CoP or Seaman‘s books to Lithuanian documents. 

Only seafarers who hold valid certificates and endorsements thereof, qualification certificates or other documents entitling them to perform relevant duties on board ship as well as those who have been entered in the crew list shall be permitted to work on board ship.

A ship registered in the Register of Seagoing Ships of the Republic of Lithuania shall not be allowed to proceed to sea if its crew does not comply with the requirements of 1974 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea regarding the minimum number of the crew and the ship has no minimum safe manning document issued by the Administration. No member of the crew may be assigned to work on board ship without the consent of the master.

Working hours of Maritime Services Division

Monday 8.00 – 17.00
Tuesday 8.00 – 17.00
Wednesday 8.00 – 17.00
Thursday 8.00 – 17.00
Friday 8.00 – 15.45
Lunch break 12.00 – 12.45

Registration for the certification of seafarers:

Deck department tel. +370 694 33 005

Engine department tel. +370 694 21 385



Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration informs all parties concerned, that education and training of all seafarers, who are certified by Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration and hold endorsements attesting the issue of the certificates and the qualification certificates issued on or after 4 February 2014, fully complies with the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, and its associated Code, including the 2010 Manila Amendments.

All endorsements issued prior to 4 February 2014 are valid till 31 December 2016.

From 1 May 2016 a correction using asterisk (*) on the format of endorsement was introduced: “The original of this endorsement must be kept available in accordance with regulation I/2, paragraph 9* of the Convention while its holder is serving on a ship.

*shall be considered as regulation I/2.11”.

Both formats of the endorsement – with asterisk (*), issued on or after 1 May 2016, and without asterisk, issued between 4 February 2014 and 1 May 2016, – are to be considered equally valid.

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration has issued this Notice to avoid potential uncertainties that may arise due to the fact that format of the endorsement issued is the same as used prior to the entry into force of the Manila Amendments.

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration issues Seaman‘s books to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and foreigners, who have a permanent residence permit in Lithuania.

Validity of Seaman’s book issued is five (5) years and may be extended for successive period of five (5) years.

Seaman’s book issued to person, who attend a training institution, which provide theoretical and practical training necessary to obtain the certificate of competency, is valid for the period of studies.

Certificates of competency issued by competent authorities of other States shall be recognized in accordance with the provisions of Regulation I/10 of the Convention and of the signed agreements on mutual recognition of certificates. Certificates of competency issued by competent authorities of States (apart from the Member States of the European Union) that have not signed agreements on mutual recognition of certificates of competency shall not be recognized.

A seafarer seeking to be issued with an endorsement of recognition of a certificate of competency and/or of a radio operator's and/or a GMDSS operator's certificate of competency shall, personally or by attorney, submit the following documents to the Administration:

1. an application in the established form together with a description of the applicant's professional activities;

2. a document identifying the applicant's person and nationality (the original or its notarised copy);

3. a diploma issued to the applicant by a training institution (the original or its notarised copy);

4. the certificate of competency held by the applicant (the original or its notarised copy).



List of third countries whose certificates of competency are recognized by Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration in accordance with signed Undertakings concerning recognition of seafarers’ training and certification system:

1. Azerbaijan

2. Indonesia

3. Russian Federation

4. Singapore

5. Ukraine

6. Georgia

7. Jordan

Approved medical practitioners


Name of Approved medical practitioner


Klaipėda Seamen‘s hospital (Maritime Medicine Center)

Chairman of the Committee  – Rimantas Irkinas
Acting chairman of the Committee – Algirdas Liutkus

(Seafarers' medical examination services are no longer provided from 1 September 2021)


Seamen‘s Health Care Center

Chairman of the Committee  –  L. Juodviršienė
Acting chairman of the Committee  - G. Dragūnas
Acting chairman of the Committee - D. Isodė

(Seafarers' medical examination services are provided from 23 August 2021)



Chairman of the Committee  –  A.Polskij
Acting chairman of the Committee  - D.Valatkienė

(Seafarers' medical examination services are provided from 4 September 2021)


Sample of Seafarer’s Medical Certificate >>>>>

Engine Room Recourse Management

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (hereinafter - Administration) certifies that Engine Room Recourse Management (hereinafter – ERM) training programmes implemented in Lithuania are government approved and comply with the requirement of the STCW Convention and Code, as amended. ERM training programmes are to provide training for refreshing and updating the knowledge and skills of ship engineers who are holders of certificates for chief engineers, second engineers, watch-keeping engineers and electrical engineers.

ERM training programmes have been designed to meet the requirements of Regulation III/1, III/2 and III/6 of STCW Convention, Section A-III/1, A-III/2 and A-III/6 of STCW Code, IMO Model Courses – 2.07 “Engine Rooms Simulator”, 1.39 “Leadership and Teamwork”, 1.38 “Marine Environmental Awareness”.

ERM training is intended for Engine officers and Electro-Technical officers to achieve safe navigation by appropriately managing the resources of personnel, equipment and information in the machinery space and by effectively utilizing them. ERM training programmes also cover the relevant learning objectives in High Voltage (over 1000V) systems to give seafarers responsible for the safe control and management of high voltage power systems the essential education and training in High Voltage installations to meet the knowledge, understanding and proficiency requirements set out in Section A-III/1, A-III/2, of STCW Code.

Consequently, Administration certifies that ERM Certificate issued by Administration to the holders of certificates for chief engineers, second engineers, watch-keeping engineers and electrical engineers meet the requirements of Regulation III/1, III/2 and III/6 of STCW Convention, Section A-III/1, A-III/2 and A-III/6 of STCW Code and person holding ERM Certificate are not required to compete additional High Voltage training.


Online verification of authenticity and validity of documents:

All requests regarding verification of authenticity, please send to the e-mail [email protected]


Last updated: 23-08-2022